Wolontariat Europejski


Brave Kids ESC 2020: 2019-2-PL01-ESC11-066266 tytuł "Proud volunteers for solidarity" W projekcie uczestniczył Roman z Białorusi oraz Carmen z Hiszpanii. 

Brave Kids EVS 2019: Wolontariat Europejski to działanie w ramach programu Erasmus Komisji Europejskiej, który umożliwia młodym ludziom udział w wielu projektach w Europie oraz w różnych krajach partnerskich w ramach wolontariatu. W tym roku w organizacji Brave Kids 2019 pomagają nam Silvia z Włoch, Serena z Hiszpanii i Tamar z Gruzji!

Erasmus+ wspiera również staże za granicą dla studentów obecnie zapisanych na uczelnie wyższe w krajach objętych programem. Od maja do lipca 2019 Kelly Papadopoulou z Grecji wspiera Brave Kids jako stażystka Erasmus+.

European Voluntary Service EVS is an action of the Erasmus program of the European Commission, which gives the possibility for young people between age 18 and 30 to participate in different projects as volunteers. The program offers volunteering opportunities with diverse themes and a big range of opportunities, from social work, tourism to cultural events. These are promoted by organizations in Europe and different partner countries, and can last from 3 to 12 months.

During their participation in the program, the volunteers do much more than just completing specific tasks. They learn about different cultures, how to adapt to new situations, and how to live an independent life. In order to promote a positive experience, certain basic aspects are provided. Food, accommodation, local transportation, health insurance, pocket money and part of their international travel (to the city of their program) is covered for by the EVS project grant. All things considered, the volunteers don’t need to worry about supporting themselves while living in a foreign country and adapting to a different culture, being able to focus more on their personal and professional development. During the final months of the project, volunteers are encouraged to fill in a special certificate for EVS - Youth Pass. This document contains a description of the work of the volunteer, analysis of their development at different levels and it constitutes as well an effective method of self-evaluation and reflection over the project’s challenges and benefits.

The Brave Kids EVS VolunteersCsenge Gábosi, who is from Hungarian minority in Romania, from the city Târgu Mureș and Patricia Galván Román from Ceuta, España lived in Poland for 9 months and helped organize the 7th Edition of the Brave Kids in 2016. They completed different tasks related to event organising, such as contacting participants, developing activities and programs, creating workshops for children, researching about artistic groups, creating promotion materials, etc. Like in every aspect of life, they faced challenges and struggled to overcome them. In any case, they improved their problem solving skills, they learned how to adapt to a different culture,  developed their professional skills and reflect on their future as more aware young people. This process filled them with energy, giving them confidence to continue an exciting journey in their life after the project ends.

Patricia:Participating in EVS has served to inspire me even more in my future employment as a social educator, develop my interpersonal skills and motivate me to want to continue participating and collaborating in future educational and intercultural social projects. It is a unique experience that provides an opportunity to meet other people and different cultures, helping us to understand better and to respect the cultural and social diversity of our planet.

Csenge:EVS is opportunity. Opportunity to experience new vibrations, yourself and your skills, a new form a living. It's a good way to experience experimental.