Workshop for Host Families

1. Practice of hospitality

Children from different parts of the world come to Poland and live with local volunteers. This group of people intitled "host families" is crucial to this project. They build the social and intercultural potential of the project, consciously and freely confronting their his ideas with the practice in the real world. A group of volunteers will take part in the training in the field of global and intercultural education which is prepared in a theoretical way to host participants of Brave Kids . Volunteers for the new role must be carefully trained - the "host family" is not only responsible for regular and punctual transport participants to the workshop, providing breakfast and dinner, but also supports the daily care of the children, spending their free time exchanging each other's ways of life, different cultures and traditions.

2. Workshop's methodology

Hosting international children at your home for two weeks can be a good lesson in cultural sensitivity. For many participants the workshops will be the first motivation to learn something about all these distant cultures. This kind of workshops will, in some cases, fill the educational gap and build the foundations for social activities. Workshops furthermore increase the efficiency by the conscious commitment to achieve what is expected in the Brave Kids goals. The methodology of the workshops is deeply related to education with a focus on learning a to have a conscious attitude towards the difference, with less emphasis on the theoretical knowledge and more on changing awareness and attitudes towards the countries of the Brave Kids participants.

3 Training

Efforts will be also made by our volunteers, so that participants have the opportunity to reflect on the importance of volunteering in everyday life, which is often the next stage of education. It is noteworthy that the average age of the group of recruited volunteers during the educational program BK typically exceeds 35 years. Volunteering at this age is rare, and is worthy of admiration. The training will also provide an opportunity to present practical issues related to hosting BK  participants. Any one seeking to participate in the program hosting the participants will go through a verification process, training and evaluation. In addition to training, there will be individual meetings with each on of our "host families".


4. Four Polish cities

After the training, host families will have the opportunity not only to practice their acquired knowledge, but also to expand their social ties. Local ties shape the globe - this is inpractice when hosting Brave Kids. In Wroclaw , Walbrzych , Warsaw Puszczykowo and Przemyśl, participants, their family and friends, realize that the selfless willingness to participate in cultural events brings deep benefits, with individual human development at the forefront.

5. Dates of workshops

More information coming soon.