SONG OF THE GOAT ASSOCIATION The association was officially registered on 23 April 2002.
KRS: 0000108979 | ​NIP: 899-23-31-660 | REGON: 932065647
Address: ul. Karkonoska 10, 53-015 Wroclaw, Poland

Association board:

Grzegorz Bral – President
Zdzisław Kiedrowski– Vice-President
Justyna Warecka – Board Member


We wish to maintain and develop a wide range of cultural activities in the fields of theatre and music; we also intend to offer artistic education, promote and support other artists and communities, whose native traditions are threatened by extinction.

General objectives (excerpt from the Statute):

1. Creating and promoting art and theatre shows and performances.

2. organizing workshops, symposia, festivals, conferences and exhibitons devoted to theatre and ethnic art, as well as participating in such events organized by other institutions.

3. organizing meetings, workshops, interdisciplinary conferences aimed at exchange of thoughts and experience between artists and representatives of scientific, psychological, academic, journalistic and ethnographic circles.

4. Promoting broadly encompassed individual artistic creation as well as artists and scientists coming from different backgrounds.

5. Educating through art.

6. Supporting other creators, groups and teams by providing financial, material and substantive help.

7. Leading and supporting charity activities.