International Workshops for kids

Brave Kids Workshops - "Kids teach kids"

Workshops are at the heart of the whole project, which is the target to create a common ground for work and play, share skills, build in children attitudes of tolerance and openness for other cultures. In the process of the workshop, children learn from each other according to the principle of "KIds teach Kids".

In this way, students become teachers -they need to sort out and group their skills, spread them on the items that will be available for transmission to others. Children leading their classes together, participate in them with greater commitment. Educators, so-called Artistic Leaders assist children to help them to find the best way to transfer their skills.

fot. Joanna Stoga 

Most children are not used to turn on the role of the teacher, before they do not realize their skills , they treat them as random and normal. We want every child to learn to be an authority with a sense of self-worth and uniqueness that has treated each other like a treasure that is being taken care of one another.

First stage of workshops. Brave Kids in the cities.

During the first stage , for two weeks the children and their caregivers will be divided into several workshop groups assigned to specific cities. Each process will be lead by two Polish artistic leaders - experienced educators, practitioners working with children, and four volunteers - people interested in non-formal artistic education of children (students of pedagogy , psychology, art direction , etc. ) . By 2014, the first stage will be held in four cities : Wrocław , Warsaw , Puszczykowo and in Wałbrzych.

Second stage of workshops. Brave Kids in Krośnice.

After two weeks of workshop work all of the children from the four sub-groups come together to Krośnice, which will be called. "The process of combining" and the second stage. Over eight days will be prepared final performance shown during the final of Brave Festival "Holy flesh" in Wroclaw. At one stage occurs more than 100 children from 20 countries.

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