Host Brave Kids

Host familiesWe are looking for volunteers who would be willing to accept in their homes children arriving at Brave Kids 2019! We know from experience that hosting Brave Kids carries a lot of interesting situations and unforgettable memories. 

We invite families ready not only to provide young artists with accommodation, breakfast, dinner, transportation to the workshops and performances, but mainly to surround them with care and hospitality.

Dates in Brave Kids cities in Poland and abroad:
Wrocław 15.06-30.06
Leszno 15.06-30.06
Radziejowice 15.06-30.06
Rzeszów 15.06 - 30.06
Wałbrzych 20.06 - 9.07
Gdańsk 13.07 - 28.07

Bukarest, Romania 15 - 28.07
Märjamaa, Estonia 19.07 - 4.08
Tbilisi, Georgia November
New Delhi, India 2 - 10.10

Photo by Maciej Dudzik

We believe that Host families will offer heir hospitality, show a wide tolerance, courage and willingness to share their heart and time with others. Host families and their children participate in a variety of activities organised by Brave Kids: parade, picnics, performances and art workshops.

Some of the families participated in the project even visited their guests in their countries. The practice of hospitality, generosity and patience generates the dialogue full of tolerance, direct encounter with different cultures, and integration with other families.

Training Intercultural Communication

Just before the arrival of the children a series of trainings on intercultural communication will be organized to outline potential challenges arising from cultural differences.

Host families are involved in the training of global and intercultural education, which are designed to prepare them to host participants of Brave Kids .


experience an incredible adventure and host children at home!

CONTACT  families coordinators in each of Brave Kids cities:

Wrocław Marta Kochanowicz, tel. 793 301 992
Leszno Dorota Sacha, tel. 601 705 233
Radziejowice Magdalena Masewicz - Kierzkowska, tel. 666 125 446
Rzeszów Justyna Warecka, tel. 606 605 665
Wałbrzych Magdalena Sawicka, tel. 666 125 446
Gdańsk Weronika Figurska-Zięba, tel. 790 253 090

Bukarest, Romania Corina Munteanu, [email protected]
Märjamaa, Estonia Gaili Ilisson, [email protected]


Brave Kids: An Unusual Experience In 2019, Brave Kids will visit us again. For two weeks they will be hosted by local families who will become "their very own families" during that period  … Regardless of the place they come from - either from a big city or a small village placed well of the beaten track in a jungle - they all become our friends, often members of a family.

There are shared lunches, walks, trips, ice-creams, fooling-around, even comforting by "new mums" when the feeling of a yearning to be back home appears.

An incredible bond is built between host families and the kids – we simply treat them as our own children. But during these two short weeks host families also make friendships. They share experiences and emotions which create a strong bond...

Once the Brave Kids are gone, the host families meet to view the photographs, recall some memories and plan their participation in the next Brave Kids edition, when the world visits us, or schedule a shared journey  – even if it takes them to the other end of the world –  just to visit "their own" kids.

Brave families spontaneously create a new, harmonious community for which openness, empathy, cordiality and the willingness to integrate are common to all.