Brave Kids Community

Join us!We invite everyone who would like to create Brave Kids with us!
Relations from our previous meetings can be found on our blog.

We belive we will grow with you!Since 2016 we started to meet regularly, for common activities, inspirations, to share stories about "our brave children".

Ana Cordeiro:Ever wondered why the lotus flower is so loved? It grows from an underwater stem, which after breaking the surface, blooms into a flower. It is born from the mud, dirt and filth on the bottom of rivers. Yet, once above the water, it takes in the air and light and becomes a natural beauty. A wise young girl from India once told me this flower is a metaphor for life.  Sometimes you encounter in your way difficult obstacles and you feel worthless. But once you enlighten yourself, you become whole and an inspiration to those around you. No matter how you begin, you can get inspired, rise above your troubles and bloom.

Brave Kids is a platform for people from all over the world to meet. So far it has involved thousands of people. The network created because of this project is enormous and touches people from all different circumstances of life. These unexpected connections are, I believe, the biggest potential of this project.

Every year, you never know which relationships will be born and which will survive over time.

Sometimes it can be a relationship between people in the same local community, sometimes it’s between the children and the “strangers” who host them here, and sometimes it’s a relationship between participants from opposite parts of the world. Once they meet, these people share all kinds of things - their culture, identity and many precious moments. They get inspired and discover new interests and talents, they start new projects in distant places, and they remember together the ones who are gone. They fall in love, and they help each other. In the end, I suppose, Brave Kids makes our world a little cosier. People get a little closer. Know each other a little better. Respect one another. Just like good neighbors living wall to wall. Just like a community.