Brave Festival

12VE Brave Festival 2016 "OUTCASTS""The twelfth edition of Brave Festival is meaningful and hopefully symbolic. Why do I think so? Because this is probably the edition that talks about "expulsions" the most.Today's world is a board on which hundreds of thousands of people migrate, escapes, moves around, looking for hope, salvation. We chose not to talk about immigrants. It's too fresh, too painful, still unfolding before our eyes here and now. We decided to talk about the people who have always been “others” in their foreign and disparate communities and thus were stigmatized. This year's edition is a dozen or so events from around the world showing people whose everyday life is very difficult and complicated because they’re diffrenet. We show people that decided to change their exclusion through the art. "

- says Grzegorz Bral, artistic director of Brave Festival.

This year's program will consist of concerts, performances, discussions, meetings with artists, workshops, exhibitions, and film screenings. In addition to artistic events we are organizing environmental and educational activities. The purpose of this festival is to teach autonomy, diversity and strength which flows from them. By Brave Festival we begin to stimulate certain mechanisms.

Ticket sales for this year's edition will start in mid-May 2016.

Until now, Brave Festival has hosted artists from 47 countries at nearly 750 events.
Every year festival  is visited by approx. 15 000 viewers.
Every year, revenues from ticket sales are designated to support humanitarian activities led by the international charity organization, ROKPA  We already handed over nearly 850 000 zł.

Brave Festival has taken place in Wrocław for 11 years. Accompanying events are also organised in other places in Poland. The festival’s assumption is to prevent exile of people from their own culture. The artists performing during the festival share their beliefs and traditions and make them alive for us to see. Against the time, they extend the life of the culture, which they come from. For that reason, the festival’s authors call them brave. Their bravery also means being open to new things. Most of them come from some very far parts of the world. For many, it is their first trip outside the village, in which they were born. They come to Wrocław, which becomes a completely new context for their tradition and they share the experience of their roots with us with great bravery, openness and generosity.

The originator and director of the festival, Grzegorz Bral, underlines that this is not a festival about works of art, but about the art and its essence. It is a festival about the world, which is falling into oblivion and which will completely disappear if we do not stop this process.