Call for Partners

Call for Partners

Brave Kids Together 

Brave Kids Together


We are seeking Partners to join us in the 4th October Call for Erasmus + Youth Exchange Projects.

Brave Kids Together is a unique youth mobility project designed to serve deaf and hard of hearing youth, a group that experiences fewer opportunities to participate in both international mobility and artistic programming. We developed the project in response to a specific need expressed to us by a group of deaf and hard of hearing youth who were in the audience at a performance of our Brave Kids project. Upon viewing the performance, which was collaboratively created by children from many different countries and artistic traditions, these youth expressed a wish to be able to experience something similar themselves: to meet deaf and hard of hearing youth from other countries and to share and exchange their artistic practices and collaborate on a public performance.

The main component of the project is artistic workshops based on a “kids teach kids” peer learning method. Participants will teach one another their artistic skills and collaborate to create a common performance that combines and expands upon each group's practices to be presented to the public. Given the specific communication needs of participants, group leaders with both sign language and English skills will support the workshops.  


What Partners Need to Provide for the Exchange:

• Group of 6 deaf or hard of hearing youth aged 13-18 who practice some form of performing arts

• Two adults to accompany kids with English language and sign language skills; at least one adult should already work closely with kids

• Participation in Advanced Planning Visit

• Organizational Information and Mandate for Project Application


For more information, see the PDF version of our call


If you would like to join us, please contact

Brave Kids Program Manager Kathy Lawson