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Brave Youth

CALL till January 31st, 2018

Brave Youth participants 2017

Dear Former Brave Kids Participants and Brave Kids Group Leaders,

We are very happy to announce that we plan to invite former Brave Kids participants to take part in our Brave Youth project in 2018.  Brave Youth will be a unique chance for participants to see Brave Kids from another perspective and to share your experience and skills with children from the artistic groups of Brave Kids 2018. For us your role will be very special! We hope that you can help to inspire your younger peers to make positive change in their local communities through sharing with them your experience as social activists. 

Please read the description of the project and, if you are interested, send the application form by the 31st of January 2018 to [email protected]


As a parallel project to the 9th edition of Brave Kids, we offer former Brave Kids participants the opportunity to experience the beauty of Brave Kids one more time. In this way, we hope to give continuity to the learning process that was initiated years before. Our plan is to bring back to Poland young people who participated in the Brave Kids project as children and have now grown to become young adults who continue supporting their communities through art or in any other way and contribute to other people’s growth. Young people who are now too old for Brave Kids participation can keep the positive energy of Brave Kids and have a chance for an international experience with peers one more time. Our goal is to make a change in the lives of both Brave Kids and Brave Youth by providing them with an opportunity for cultivating discovery, personal growth, leadership, teamwork, and compassion.

We plan to invite 8 young people aged 18-23 from different countries to take part in Brave Youth from 17.06.2018 till 11.07.2018.

We want to directly connect Brave Kids participants with Brave Youth so they can inspire each other. We believe that by sharing the example of the work that Brave Youth do in their local environment, Brave Kids will be inspired to try to do the same in the future. Brave Youth will also have the opportunity to engage in the artistic elements of Brave Kids alongside professional artistic instructors so they can increase their artistic skills. They will stay close to Brave Kids participants assisting artistic instructors as volunteers. Staying with Polish host families will allow participants of Brave Youth and local families to gain an inside look into other cultures and traditions. During the program participants will also have chance to present their work in the local communities.

These activities will allow young people to enrich their leadership and artistic skills, gain new experience, and serve as examples for their younger peers.  Young people will come to Poland for around three and a half weeks. The project will take place in Poland, in Wrocław, Siechnice, Przemyśl, Radziejowice with two Brave Youth participants in each city during the first two weeks (First Stage of Brave Kids). The Brave Youth  participants in each city will stay with one local family. During the second stage of the project In Oborniki Śląskie (small green town 20 km from Wrocław), participants will stay with Brave Kids participants in the hostel. In 2018 we plan to host around 150 participants that will be accommodated in guest houses (as in Krośnice or Zagórze in previous editions).


The project undertakes to cover all costs of accommodation, food and local transport for all participants. The project in general DOES NOT cover the costs for international travel. However in certain cases, with attention to our recruitment criteria, the project will cover the costs of international travel.

As we still wait for the result of grants, the number of participants can change.  The final program of the project will be announced in May 2018.

We plan to invite 8 young people who:

- are 18-23 years old
- participated in Brave Kids (2009 - 2017)
- have good English skills
- are active in their community and can prove that.

The priority will be given to youth from different groups and countries, one young person from each country.


  • Please fill in the APPLICATION FORM and  attach 2 recommendation letters (for example from teachers or other authority demonstrating your engagement in the local community) and send it back to [email protected] by the 31st of January 2018. 
  • We will arrange Skype interviews with selected candidates in February 2018.

Any additional questions to the details of the project, please address to: [email protected]