Cities of Brave Kids

Oborniki Ślaskie


The Association ‘Ku Dobrej Nadziei’ (Towards Good Hope) for over 12 years has been working with needy: children and teenagers from dysfunctional families, the poorest, the homeless and the addicted. It runs ‘Ogrzewalnia’ (Heating shelter) for homeless people, where they are motivated to change by taking advantage of the comprehensive process of “Getting out of homelessness”. Its most important mission, apart from helping, is to counteract social exclusion.


The "EMU" Foundation was created with the thought of those in need of support, regardless of age, social status, origin or religion. The organization conducts activities related to multiculturalism, global and intercultural education in Wałbrzych and the surrounding area. It is also actively involved in socio-cultural activities in Lower Silesia. Brave Kids in Wałbrzych will be held mainly in Wałbrzyski Culture Center, whose mission is to support the local community in active participation in culture, education through art and the organization of free time.

 Centrum Kultury w Siechnicach 
Founded in 2017, the ‘Tu i Teraz’ Foundation is involved in the development and promotion of alternative education in working with children, in particular Montessori pedagogy and forest kindergartens. The organization arose from the passion of its founders, love for children and the desire to help other people. The fruits of their work are the creation of many international projects, cooperation with the Polish Humanitarian Organization and supporting this year's Brave Kids in Rzeszów.