Cities of Brave Kids

Zagórze Śląskie


The primary administrative office of Brave Kids Host is located in Wrocław. We are also joined by other amazing organisations when forming the Brave Kids Partner Cities.

In the photo from the left: Iwona Stankowa – Leaders' Programm, Laryssa Kowalczyk – Host Families Coordinator, Justyna Warecka – Executive Producer of Brave Kids, Magdalena Szymańska – Project Manager, Marta Kochanowicz – Volunteers Coordinator, Anna Cordeiro – Artist Liaison.



Mondo Kolektiv Association

The annual meeting with young ambassadors of culture from all over the world is an extraordinary journey for us, the inhabitants of Puszczykowo. This journey is unforgettable, as it takes place in our homes, at the table where we sit with you every day. From you we learn passion, respect for diversity, friendship, and how to receive and share the good energy present in each and every one of us. We look forward to meeting you!

On the pictures from the left: Karolina Szymańska - leaders program, Monika Kaczmarek - volunteers coordinator, Anna Mieszała - main coordinator in Puszczykowo, Monika Rybaczewska i Ania Łuś - host families coordinators,.



Foundation of Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM

The aim of our foundation is to create an engaged and open-minded society that is prepared to live in diversity. Brave Kids embraces the very essence of Emmanuel Levinas’ philosophy which is “face to face” relation with another human being. According to his ethics, such an encounter has the power to negate the importance of the self. In the case of Brave Kids it is also a wonderful practical workshop on intercultural education. We look forward to meeting you for the first time!

On the photo from the left: Magdalena Pardel - main coordinator in Przemyśl, Hania Trefler - host families coordinator, Marta Winiarczyk - leaders program, Małgorzata Sielska - host families coordinator, Jolanta Cicińska - volunteers coordinator.



Elżbieta Maria Urbańska EMU Foundation 

It was 3 years ago that EMU Foundation took part in the Brave Kids project.  It was then that we felt the need to invite Brave Kids to Wałbrzych.  In 2014 all inhabitants of our city and the surrounding areas  had a chance to launch the beautiful project there. Today, we can see the great difference the children and leaders from Brave Kids have made to our town. In this city live many wonderful people who want to create a Brave Kids world. Now, the whole Wałbrzych is BRAVE and looking forward to seeing you …!

On the photo from the left: Agata Mikołajczyk - volunteers coordinator, Katarzyna Niemierowska - host families coordinator, Magdalena Sawicka - main coordinator in Wałbrzych, Aneta Skórnicka - leaders coordinator.



The Foundation World Within Reach

The Foundation works first and foremost to benefit children and youth. We organize numerous workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and shows thanks to which young people from different countries can learn about themselves and other cultures. Our mission is to bring  people together regardless of how seemingly different their cultures, languages and traditions are. We are happy and proud to be able to host Brave Kids in Warsaw for the third time. By inviting the children and youth to our city we can truly have the world within reach. We look forward to seeing you!

On the photo from the left: Magda Sokołowska - volunteers coordinator and organizator, Ola Ośko – main coordinator in Warsaw and host families coordinator, in the team also: Olga Kulesza - leaders program, Agata Szeliga and Paulina Malinowska-Zielony - coordinators, Michalina Jarmuż and Kinga Białek - host families training. 



After presenting all semi-final shows and a farewell meeting with host families, all Brave Kids participants gather in one place. This year it is Zagórze Śląskie village, beatifully situated at the Bystrzyca Lake, between the Owl and Black Mountains. We stay in cottages in the forest which belong to Maria Antonina Hotel & Restaurant in Zagórze Śląskie. In this charming place young artists prepare the wonderful Brave Kids Grand Finale Show.